Im heutigen Video zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie mit HTML und JavaScript eine Progressive Web Application (oder PWA) erstellen. Link zum Startcode: Progressive Webanwendungen sind einfach Webanwendungen, die sich wie native Anwendungen verhalten und normalerweise “offline zuerst” sind. Dies bedeutet, dass wir Service Worker und die Cache-API nutzen können, um die App anzuzeigen, während das Netzwerk nicht verfügbar ist. Unterstützen Sie mich auf Patreon: – Mit genügend Geld plane ich, eine Website mit einer neuen Entwicklererfahrung zu entwickeln! Überprüfen Sie dies als Referenz: Folgen Sie mir auf Twitter @dcodeyt! Wenn Ihnen dieses Video geholfen hat und Sie mehr sehen möchten, hinterlassen Sie ein Like und abonnieren Sie dcode! #dcode #html #javascript.

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  • Dani DMHS Antworten

    Wow It was amazing thanks for complete Explanation 👌

    22. Oktober 2020 um 21:05
  • dcode Antworten

    If you enjoyed remember to Like and Subscribe for more projects and tutorials like this one 🙂

    23. Oktober 2020 um 4:01
  • Mark Cay Antworten

    Thank you for this! Clear explanation and you've got a very nice voice, sir! Instant subscriber here.

    7. November 2020 um 4:43
  • Roberto Vargas Antworten

    Hello! Great tutorial, however, I'm getting issues regarding a favicon. What is it? Seems something new with respect with what you shown us. Regards!

    7. November 2020 um 20:42
  • Raconte moi Antworten


    12. November 2020 um 23:49
  • matteo gattei Antworten

    Great tutorial, very good explanation thank you !
    Just one question more:
    Once the PWA is cached, if I add features or fix some bugs, how is possible to update it automatically or promt the user to update it ?
    Again thank you for your great job !

    19. November 2020 um 13:18
  • Kamosabe Antworten

    Thanks for the awesome video. Short but well explained. Subscribed.

    21. November 2020 um 3:21
  • Shaharukh Nadaf Antworten

    Thanks a ton ..With your guide video I was able to configure PWA for my site 😊

    29. November 2020 um 9:43
  • vaijayanti pethe Antworten

    can you make a web app development course

    5. Dezember 2020 um 12:46
  • Githendra McShane Antworten


    12. Dezember 2020 um 4:41
  • Luis M Antworten

    Excellent video, it was well explained! Thank you so much! 😄😄

    16. Dezember 2020 um 0:54
  • Tobias Antworten

    Nice! Gotta try this tomorrow

    16. Dezember 2020 um 21:54
  • xxThemoritzxx Antworten

    Such a nice and clean explanation. Would love to see more stuff with PWA's 😉


    18. Januar 2021 um 20:06
  • mani tahriri Antworten

    Audit tab is not available in chrome anymore. instead click in lighthouse tab. The content is pretty much the same.

    22. Januar 2021 um 14:07
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    sigh I can find a whole lot of spam about how to make websites more "app-like", but no one bothers to tell how to disable, remove or uninstall the option anywhere.
    There is no such thing as a good PWA. It's a way for lazy programmers to turn a website into an unnecessary "app".

    1. Februar 2021 um 1:54
  • Lulu Maha Antworten

    To complicate

    1. Februar 2021 um 21:53
  • Just Now Antworten

    Subscribed , you are very helpful.
    Thanks sir

    14. Februar 2021 um 22:34
  • HollowRic Antworten

    Hi!! First of all, great video, it was a very nice introduction to PWAs. I have a doubt: Initially I was having problems with the manifest in the web browser cause I was deploying the index.html directly dragging it from file explorer, but then I discovered the Live Server extension for VSCode and I used it but the domain is the localhost address ( and in your case you have a different name for the local address, how did you achieve that? Thank you very much!

    19. Februar 2021 um 10:53
  • chris Athanas Antworten

    Can you link to github with final code, just for reference?

    22. Februar 2021 um 7:48
  • EDUSRG Code Antworten

    Hey, very cool and well explained. I've just came from spa video and I really like your style. Btw How do you change localhost name? youtube.local is something you customized, where? how? Anyway, many thanks for sharing.

    23. Februar 2021 um 0:09
  • Duke Skookum Antworten

    It's nice that even your VS Code theme matches your logo and page.

    26. Februar 2021 um 19:02
  • Dexter Antworten


    5. März 2021 um 19:19
  • Patrice Kenmoé Antworten


    8. März 2021 um 10:14
  • Patrice Kenmoé Antworten

    “Manifest does not contain a suitable icon”…

    8. März 2021 um 12:32
  • Gianni Belizaire Antworten

    can i set my google fonts and fontawesome links as catch as well?

    11. März 2021 um 4:05
  • Jucele Santos Antworten

    Push notifications please

    12. März 2021 um 5:25
  • cclx Antworten

    what vscode theme are you using?

    12. März 2021 um 20:51
  • Zwelch007 Antworten

    Great video, thanks!
    I'd just like to point out that you're mispronouncing "cache". It's pronounced exactly like "cash", rhymes with "flash". The a is not pronounced like the a in "age" or "cage".
    Keep up the good work!

    9. April 2021 um 11:33
  • Panash FC Antworten

    A big thank you, good explanation and it works !

    9. April 2021 um 17:38
  • maw kuri Antworten

    is pwa still a thing?

    16. April 2021 um 0:37
  • regalis welfare foundation Antworten

    how to decode you web application easily

    24. April 2021 um 20:49

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