Jake Archibald über Instant Loading: Entwicklung von Offline-First Progressive Web Apps Für den Großteil des Webs zerstört eine schlechte Netzwerkkonnektivität die Benutzererfahrung. Wir können es besser. In dieser Sitzung nehmen wir eine reine Online-Site und verwandeln sie in eine vollständig netzwerkresistente, offline-zuerst installierbare progressive Web-App, und dies erfordert keinen Neuaufbau von Grund auf; es wird in kleinen Iterationen durchgeführt, wobei jeder Schritt die Benutzererfahrung verbessert, egal ob offline, online oder irgendetwas dazwischen. In dieser Sitzung werden ServiceWorker, Web-Manifeste, Add-to-Homescreen-Banner, IndexedDB- und BackgroundSync-APIs behandelt. Sehen Sie sich hier weitere Chrome-Vorträge auf der I/O 2016 an: Sehen Sie sich hier alle Vorträge von der Google I/O 2016 an: Abonnieren Sie den Chrome-Entwicklerkanal unter #io16 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2016 .

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  • Uli Troyo Antworten

    You can really see what a great presenter Jake is by comparing this 2016 talk to the 2018 talk on Service Workers. The 2018 talk is… serviceable… nah, it's good, but I wanted to squeeze in the pun. Jake's talk is on another level, though.

    15. Januar 2019 um 4:31
  • maya india Antworten

    Is it possible to save data on local storage rather then getting them by indexed db

    21. Januar 2019 um 21:35
  • maya india Antworten

    Where I get the code

    21. Januar 2019 um 21:39
  • shubham srivastava Antworten

    One word "Amazing" !!!!!!!! Jake Archibald actually made it more cool.

    23. Januar 2019 um 19:50
  • Lewis Johnson Antworten

    I don’t want to do business with customers who still use IE.

    24. März 2019 um 22:41
  • J Key Antworten

    I have a stupid question? Can we up our PWA projects to any linux server without install anything like node.js, server worker as well?

    25. März 2019 um 23:48
  • Paul Palencia Antworten

    Is that a wii controllor as a clicker

    3. April 2019 um 20:53
  • Aham Antworten

    Most informative and entertaining google io ever.

    2. Mai 2019 um 14:09
  • Harsha vardhan Antworten

    Amazing Trailer

    3. Mai 2019 um 7:55
  • renetchi Antworten

    Very fun presentation

    19. Mai 2019 um 8:39
  • Mohammed Faragallah Antworten

    a well deserved service worker introduction

    27. Juni 2019 um 18:04
  • Jacob Slomp Antworten

    Now i haven't seen this, but i will start working on this. instead of using <?php include("head.php"); ?> now we can do in HTML: <!– include("head.html"); –> and let the serviceworker pull head.html and cache and include that instead. I see a way were we can let the serviceworker take over a lot of the dynamic things we use PHP or ASP for.

    9. Februar 2020 um 20:01
  • Diamonddrake Antworten

    Great talk! side note delayed sending of messages is not a good user experience. Messaging is often time sensitive. I want to know it worked, not think it did and it might send later when it’s no longer relative. I realized it’s contrived, but a better experience is showing the message in the list and just telling the user it’s a failed send letting them tap to resend, or even a send when online. Kind of like the slack experience.

    16. Februar 2020 um 16:00
  • Space Guy Bob Productions Antworten

    why the WII remote?

    21. Februar 2020 um 23:03
  • CardinalHijack Antworten

    Jake is a legend

    25. Februar 2020 um 13:10
  • Abdul Malik Antworten

    good point 09:04

    15. April 2020 um 8:08
  • Xavior Pautin Antworten

    The best presentation I've ever watched. Learned way more in this one presentation than in so many other lectures, and it was entertaining the whole way through.

    6. Mai 2020 um 23:03
  • wilhelm paul martinez Antworten

    coming back to this vid after 3 years, I still don't know why it doesn't have high views when the content is soo good

    13. Mai 2020 um 5:57
  • Fernando Barahona Antworten

    there should be a superlike button in youtube, so i cant click on it for your presentation

    21. Juli 2020 um 1:20
  • Inter Net Antworten

    I got tears in my eyes watching this service worker trailer

    27. August 2020 um 16:29
  • Chizuruツ Antworten

    Just the first 6 mins are awesome! 😂👍🏻 Really great video! 👌🏻

    17. September 2020 um 7:43
  • Mind Feeder Antworten

    Great Stand-Up !!! 😀

    22. Dezember 2020 um 14:16
  • supreme ruler Antworten

    Stumbled upon something absolutely amazing

    5. Januar 2021 um 21:10
  • Steffen Langer Antworten

    When Jake was a kid he wondered whether he should become a web developer advocate or a comedian.
    But Jake was told he could be anything, so he became a web developer advocate comedian.

    3. März 2021 um 21:09
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    When are people finally going to share useful information, like telling us how to ban this crap before it infects our system?
    @Google Chrome Developers, here are some questions that actually matter:
    1. Why are we stuck with that hideous install button in our address bar with no way to remove it?
    2. Why does the app store not tell us if an "app" is actually a PWA so we can filter it out without being duped into installing it?
    3. Security specialists always tell us to not install apps from questionable sources, but yet this is EXACTLY what this supposed feature is promoting. If you don't remove this option right now, you'll be responsible for the exponential spread of malware that will be the result of this crap.

    25. April 2021 um 2:49
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    A week further and we're still stuck with that unnecessary install button.
    Make that idiotic install button OPTIONAL so normal people don't have to waste screen space!

    8. Mai 2021 um 23:44

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