Erhalten Sie eine 100 PWA-Punktzahl für Lighthouse with Angular. In dieser Folge werde ich Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie Ihre App so konfigurieren, dass sie zu 100% mit der von Google bereitgestellten progressiven Web-App-Checkliste kompatibel ist, sodass Ihre App auf kompatiblen Geräten installiert werden kann. Vollständiger Lektionscode: Demo App: Leuchtturm: SW-Precache :.

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  • John Paul Manoza Antworten

    Been waiting for this topic, glad this is all well put into a video tutorial. Since following some blog tutorial on the internet is a bit hard for beginners. 👍

    3. September 2017 um 18:24
  • MAZOUZI Zakaryae Antworten

    Thank you very much for your tutorials, I learn a lot from you every day !! please keep making great tutorials 😀

    3. September 2017 um 19:13
  • MrJerczu Antworten

    Lighthouse is a part of devtools now in chrome so you don't really need that plugin anymore

    3. September 2017 um 21:20
  • Limpep Antworten

    I think there is currently a limit of 2mb pre-project including app dependencies of the entire project.

    3. September 2017 um 23:49
  • Kawzaki Honda Antworten

    how can I make sw-precache register a service worker during the lunch of the CLI dev server using 'ng serve'?

    4. September 2017 um 1:22
  • Kawzaki Honda Antworten

    @3:40 there is a small typo: 'wepack' => 'webpack'

    4. September 2017 um 1:25
  • Kawzaki Honda Antworten

    how does this method compare to using `@angular/service-worker` package speratly from the old and forgotten –mobile flag of the CLI?

    4. September 2017 um 1:44
  • Kawzaki Honda Antworten

    for people thinking of using sw-precache in development you got 2 options:
    1. use a light weight server like Jeff suggested
    or if you can't live without the webpack config file like me
    2. use eject to gain full control and get back your webpack config so you can add webpack plugins including sw-precache.

    4. September 2017 um 1:54
  • Mark Goho Antworten

    Does this method work with lazy loaded modules?

    4. September 2017 um 18:29
  • Lorgiam Arce Antworten


    I would like to know where I can learn angular in a professional way on the internet or what other means I can use, what happens is that I am from Colombia, and here in my country there are no courses that can give me a good level of angular learning. thank you very much for your messages, they are very valuable for me …..

    5. September 2017 um 1:32
  • Learn Deploy Antworten

    How to apply this for a project which is under development?

    14. September 2017 um 20:32
  • Jorge Luis Nevarez Antworten

    Man you explain really well, but you go way to fast,

    25. Oktober 2017 um 21:03
  • Qian Chen Antworten

    So why do we need it?

    10. November 2017 um 8:37
  • Andrea Lo Iacono Antworten

    I LOVE THIS CHANNEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. November 2017 um 13:20
  • Muma David Bwalya Antworten

    That music caught me off guard! lol

    14. November 2017 um 14:19
  • Hariprasanth G Antworten

    I'm currently using angular cli gh-pages for deploying ,service worker showing errors pl help

    25. November 2017 um 7:48
  • Seif Sgayer Antworten

    this dude takes you straight to the tl;dr section. ggwp!

    14. Dezember 2017 um 16:43
  • N Pe Antworten

    Good news… for Edge, it's possible to enable Service Workers with a flag since October 2017. For Safari, currently Service Workers are in Preview and Web App Manifests in development 🙂

    26. Januar 2018 um 11:35
  • Ajinkya Bhushan Antworten

    So can I make a social/chat web application

    1. Februar 2018 um 15:40
  • Camilo Elgueta Basso Antworten

    works great for me, thanks a lot!!

    4. Februar 2018 um 17:47
  • CooKeeChris Antworten

    0:46 I don't think it will be supported by safari, because Firebase is from Google.

    11. Februar 2018 um 23:45
  • UdayKumar Mucharla Antworten

    why u r running… can u explain it

    20. Februar 2018 um 17:55
  • Stark Work Antworten

    whatsy New man?

    23. Februar 2018 um 20:37
  • Kingers Zander Antworten

    i need Firebase chat in angular 5?

    24. März 2018 um 10:23
  • RAJAT KANTI Bhattacharjee Antworten

    Your channel have some really great content… Thanks 😀

    30. März 2018 um 11:28
  • Nikhil Antworten

    how does this method compare to ionic 3 please ? pros / cons .

    6. Mai 2018 um 15:08
  • chakree ten Antworten

    can we make a service worker that can push alerts as notifications even while offline?

    7. Juni 2018 um 9:22
  • Becky G Antworten

    what a great tutorial with a special short hand explanation ,,,would you make a tutorial on how to use external jquey libraries in angular ,,for example ,calender jquery library,how to use it in angular, thanks!

    19. Juni 2018 um 14:15
  • Nishanth Subramanya Antworten

    Brother, how about taking it a pinch slower!! I know you target the mid and high end but your voice and onscreen flow is too high

    24. Juli 2018 um 4:18
  • Mohit Munjal Antworten

    This video is outdated now.Please post new video based on new angular(6/7) framework.

    4. November 2018 um 23:06
  • Daniel Ceballos Tejero Antworten

    What plugin do you use to insert the code partials without copy/pasting it? It seems to me like a predefined sequence.

    15. November 2018 um 23:53
  • Aravind Appadurai Antworten

    Good Tutorial bro! But Angular team made this much more easier by using single cli comment `ng add @angular/pwa –project project-name

    More details:

    22. März 2019 um 19:23

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