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Progressive Web Apps sind großartig – lass uns einen genaueren Blick darauf werfen und verstehen, was sie genau sind! ———- Erfahren Sie mehr über PWAs: Startcode: Endcode: ———- • Sie können Max auf Twitter (@maxedapps) folgen. • Sie finden uns auch auf Facebook.( • Oder besuchen Sie unsere Website ( und abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter! Wir sehen uns in den Videos! .

Kommentare (29)

  • Jemmeh Antworten

    I love the way you explain things, I always come back to your tutorials over and over again. The audio is clear, the graphics are easy to understand, and you cover so many topics so throughly. I can see how it all connects.Thank you so much!

    6. Juli 2019 um 6:06
  • Thatoyaone Bogopa Antworten

    Great video; It actually made me buy this.

    24. August 2019 um 7:36
  • Lucas Linares Antworten

    Could you , honestly, tell me when was the last time this course was updated? Any plans to updated it?

    29. August 2019 um 12:08
  • Brijesh Borkar Antworten

    Hi Max, ur videos are awesome, but i have one question how to register Service Workers in next js application(react with next), since i am finding it difficult to get it done .. coz there are less community support for this 🙁

    24. September 2019 um 11:56
  • Sri Saahithi Antworten

    Hi Max, I checked it offline disabled the cache as you said. still its not working for me. when i reload the page, it is showing me the dinosaur. 🙁

    24. September 2019 um 13:51
  • Deisy Katherinne Ramírez García Antworten

    sales error when entering the terminal, what can I do

    25. November 2019 um 23:36
  • Hint SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. Antworten

    Need Course on Blazor+SQLLite PWA with Responsive Design…

    13. Januar 2020 um 9:45
  • Danielle Ra Antworten

    thank you so much for your great course!
    today, when I upgraded my chrome to version 81 I noticed that all websites that have PWA app, like pinterest and trivago, chrome gives this error:
    "No matching service worker detected. you may need to reload the page or check that the…"
    I searched for the problem, it seems that the error coming from scopes defining, can you please help us make pwa running again on our websites?
    thank you!

    30. April 2020 um 11:52
  • budi bong Antworten

    Damn cool channel.. thanks

    16. Mai 2020 um 19:41
  • código inspiración Antworten

    Subscription x subscription friends !!!

    29. Juni 2020 um 17:20
  • KG dev Antworten

    Hey, my name is Kenneth and I really enjoy watching your video. I follow your course about PWA but I have a problem, each time that I leave my PWA app I can still see for couple second the URL bar of the app, can you please tell me how to solve that, I want to completely hide it when I leave the app like a native app, I am using android but the way. thank you

    1. Juli 2020 um 2:43
  • Signet OHara Antworten

    Hi Max (and Manu), your courses are always fantastic so thanks for all you do! Just finishing your JS course, will next jump into your React one and will eventually get to this PWA course. Do you think there's any truth to the claim that PWAs make front-end frameworks obsolete or is that a bit of a myopic view? Seems a bit extreme to me…

    6. Juli 2020 um 13:20
  • Kinta02 Antworten

    If anybody ever reads this: I want to create a pwa, but well..ive got 0 experience in website building in any way shape or form. What skills would you guys recommend I build beforehand? Does Max have any courses to build a normal website, aka a complete newbie guide to all of that shyte?! thanks!

    22. Juli 2020 um 22:43
  • S Ranjan kr. Antworten

    Helpful for developer, Thanks max for doing a great job.

    23. Juli 2020 um 6:18
  • Caleb Prenger Antworten

    Pwa's hold promise. But as long as apple refuses to support push alerts and webcam support in JavaScript apps, it's not going anywhere

    7. August 2020 um 5:03
  • Chinda Oscar Antworten

    Thank you so much. I switched from desktop application development to web two years ago. I have read so many books, taken two online courses, discussed with colleagues at my workplace and watched maybe thirty videos, but until this moment, I did not understand anything. Thank you so much. I'll find a way to follow you on Twitter ;))

    11. August 2020 um 2:48
  • Ash Dang Antworten

    Wow this video needs wayyyy more views for its goodness’ sake. Thanks for all the efforts and you’re a great teacher!!

    28. August 2020 um 11:42
  • Godwin Z. Maga Antworten

    Woww… You are amazing! Thanks a lot.

    2. September 2020 um 3:10
  • Paul Valickas Antworten

    This was waiste of time. Do not watch it find other tutorial.

    30. September 2020 um 21:25
  • Avi Drucker Antworten

    Tutorial "how-to" starts at 20:46

    5. Oktober 2020 um 16:13
  • GNINASSE Ibrahim Antworten

    when the offline / online events are fired? when you shut down your wifi or times later ? i am trying to fire online / offline events manualy but i dont see how to this without setting my network panel to offline or online.

    27. November 2020 um 11:23
  • Steve Saunders Antworten

    I'm at 23:16 and I wrote the line….


    …and my browser says…

    app.js:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'register' of undefined
    at app.js:5
    (anonymous) @ app.js:5

    Can anyone help me with this?

    1. Dezember 2020 um 22:25
  • Carnaru Valentin Antworten

    Ok, I go to udemy, see you there.

    5. Dezember 2020 um 9:35

    hey , I want to learn pwd but i have some questions
    1) What is the basic requirement of knowledge i am a pretty beginner
    2) Because i am watching this in 31 Dec 2020 almost 2021, and course have passed some long time, Can i still get all the knowledge because new things must have upgraded in pwd

    31. Dezember 2020 um 10:52
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    Maybe PWAs are awesome for developers looking for the latest shiny thing, but for people like me, users who have been burned by a company dropping support and updates for their desktop application in favor of an inferior web app, they're an annoyance at best. Stop being lazy and repurposing your website. Spend some time and effort on listening to your (potential) customers and developing an actual REAL NATIVE app.

    1. Februar 2021 um 2:12
  • LearnYouAndMe Antworten

    after running npm install it generated only one file name "package-lock" unlike yours 23 packages installed. What to do?

    22. Februar 2021 um 18:56
  • Alexander Ablaza Antworten

    how did you get the header and footer of a mobile view? In my view it does not exist no black bar on top and bottom

    22. März 2021 um 3:51
  • Disha Gupta Antworten

    His courses are best. I did his react course and fell in love with it

    20. Mai 2021 um 13:47
  • akash bhadouria Antworten

    Hey max please update your pwa course on udemy. Will buy it ASAP when you update it

    8. Juni 2021 um 23:09

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