Eine Kurzanleitung zur Verwendung von 🤝🤯 Trusted Web Activities (TWA) zum Bereitstellen einer Progressive Web App (PWA) im Google Play Store als native Android-App. – Sven Budaks TWA-Zeug rockt – TWA Video von Google – TWA Guide von Google #pwa #twa #android .

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  • Fireship Antworten

    The fireship app is not on the public Play Store and I have no plans to make it public, but try it as a beta tester https://play.google.com/apps/testing/io.fireship.app

    22. Februar 2019 um 16:59
  • Priya Krishna Antworten

    I have updated my chrome to 72.03 but still, the URL bar is showing, can I add a strings.xml file in my project to hide the URL

    2. März 2019 um 15:52
  • Gerrit Weiermann Antworten

    Nice, short guide. Love your work 😁

    2. März 2019 um 23:19
  • vikas kumar Antworten

    TWA sits in between PWA and a Hybrid App. lol

    3. März 2019 um 5:51
  • Wagner Moreira Antworten

    weird that I did all those steps and I am serving the web app angular from an https server, if I add my pwa to home screen by accessing the website on chrome it opens without address bar, if I open my TWA installed from google play store it opens with an address bar (and it's https)… why ?

    21. März 2019 um 3:16
  • Felipe Mendonça Antworten

    How does it work when you update your application?
    Do I need to send another version to the play store? Or does it update from the web app? If so, is the update made on the client or on the play store base?

    Thanks in advance

    26. März 2019 um 12:04
  • Rishav Antworten

    So what is the monetization like? Can I just put in ads without any issues?

    28. März 2019 um 17:47
  • David Jiménez Lamas Antworten

    Hi, how did you set a color to the status bar (the one up of de appbar). I hace done It with pwa but for twa it doesnt work for me. Thank you

    18. Mai 2019 um 19:55
  • Ross the Boss Antworten

    I just added firebase messaging. But do you know how to send URL and open in the app?

    19. Mai 2019 um 1:42
  • Eshan Singh Antworten

    Why did you censor the SHA256 hash? We can go on your website and just get that path and see it anyway, it's not private, is it?

    4. Juni 2019 um 15:09
  • Phorn Pharath Antworten

    Supper cool and very informative tutorial. <3 Really appreciate your sharing.

    13. Juni 2019 um 6:00
  • Mohamed Melih Antworten

    Problème Google play

    22. Juni 2019 um 14:41
  • Filho do Chefe Antworten

    love you for this

    22. Juli 2019 um 22:37
  • Karthikeyan Sakkarabani Antworten

    Thank you for the walk through! Created app as per the instruction, on the release version of the app, the address bar is visible, also after installation Onplus, oop and MI devices asking to install Chrome Dev/Canary any idea?

    13. August 2019 um 11:04
  • Naga zhimomi Antworten

    Generate signed bundle / APK not showing in Android studio under build

    31. August 2019 um 13:58
  • Hubert Makowski Antworten

    In this case can I run some "only native stuff" and send data to my server after installation or after running the PWA app from home screen?

    4. Oktober 2019 um 9:24
  • Samuel Marndi Antworten

    does web notifications work in the app also or not

    3. Januar 2020 um 12:36
  • NoSunBeach Antworten

    My web site renders good enough on a mobile browser. If my goal is to build an android app available on the Play Store that will render my website full screen inside the app without the browser chrome, what do I need? Can i do this with NativeScript WebView and TSA?

    11. Februar 2020 um 17:29
  • Hayze Productions Antworten

    Fireship, is there anyway to add admob ads to this?

    7. April 2020 um 10:17
  • Silvio Ramirez Antworten

    How can I create the ./well-known folder?? VSC don't allow me anda ST create well-known folder only

    8. Mai 2020 um 12:36
  • Даниил Устименко Antworten

    The Url field… why did they keep it?

    13. Mai 2020 um 11:35
  • Marcel Kendy Antworten

    where are you putting the actual pwa app inside of that android app? You put the link in build.gradle?

    4. Juni 2020 um 19:56
  • Amine Kaddar Antworten

    Step 12 was the most best one! love you @Fireship

    19. Juni 2020 um 1:05
  • Adi ws Antworten

    this is sounds amazing although i don't quite understand it

    25. Juni 2020 um 6:41
  • GDevil Soibam Antworten

    nice video, but i have a Q. will playstore ask for ownership proof of the website while publishing on playstore

    26. Juni 2020 um 5:12
  • Taknity تقنيتي Antworten

    i love pwa

    3. Juli 2020 um 23:01
  • Frank Lloyd Teh Antworten

    How does the TWA get updated? Do all of these steps again and upload the new version to the play store?

    9. Juli 2020 um 4:34
  • Amine Kaddar Antworten

    You just changed my life!

    3. August 2020 um 4:09
  • Ambinintsoa Hasina Antworten

    "write once and run everywhere, as long as everywhere does not include IOS"
    ~ Fireship, United States, February 2019

    4. August 2020 um 12:37
  • DAKS MEMES Antworten

    i was about to search this but got it in my recommendation

    13. August 2020 um 0:31
  • Hayze Productions Antworten

    Is there any way to include subdomains with the current domain its using and have fullscreen? Im having trouble with making 1 primary domain and 2 subdomains to work in fullscreen without the toolbar showing up.

    7. September 2020 um 7:49
  • Lukman Sanni Antworten

    I hope I'll be able to do this just as a front end Dev.

    7. Oktober 2020 um 22:06
  • Matheus Lozano Antworten

    Ohh, woww !! Man, seriously you have been doing a great job !! I just arrived in your channel, I want to learn more about dev/frontend and you have so many amazing content !! Soon I'll subscribe for the Pro and do some courses! Thanks !

    8. November 2020 um 8:24
  • IT Prog Antworten

    OMG!!! PWA is good solution!!

    13. November 2020 um 3:11
  • Rishik Tiwari Antworten

    Google really need to work in its documentation. It is simply terrible!

    15. November 2020 um 22:03
  • Nicols Dennis Antworten

    I currently have a webview app for my website, will the twa have better performance? does it support push notifications from a service like onesiganl? and can i use app links to other installed applications?

    15. Dezember 2020 um 18:05
  • Dennis Barzanoff Antworten

    "Run everywhere, as long as everywhere doesn't include iOS" xDDD

    16. Dezember 2020 um 22:08
  • Adwiya Deshpande Antworten

    Can't we access native device APIs using capacitor or cordova in TWA

    30. Dezember 2020 um 6:57
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    Can you also tell us something that actually matters, like how to recognize PWAs deployed to the Play Store so we can avoid them?
    PWAs are spam and I have no interest in installing them by accident because they happen to be in the Play Store as if they're a real native app.

    1. Februar 2021 um 1:46
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    How do you recognize a PWA that was uploaded to an app store so you can avoid accidentally installing it and deleting it if you did?

    6. Februar 2021 um 2:27
  • Chaminda Prasad Antworten

    I love step 12 by the way ☺😂

    11. Februar 2021 um 8:10
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    And why are they called "Trusted Web Activities" when they're running without my permission and when I don't actually trust them?

    14. Februar 2021 um 1:57
  • Adrian M ThePRO Antworten


    18. Februar 2021 um 17:44
  • Nathan Antworten

    In my country we call it gambiarra

    19. Februar 2021 um 11:12
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    You start out the video with a blatant lie. PWAs have not revolutionized anything. They can't do anything a pre-existing REAL app couldn't do. Nothing useful; No new features.
    Just stop the spam already. You shouldn't be advertising this crap, especially not without putting a disclosure at the start of your video.

    1. März 2021 um 7:27
  • Dohd Uy Antworten


    13. März 2021 um 13:51
  • Sahil Malhotra Antworten

    I am building a pwa in reactjs, that will be then submitted to apple store. I want to include an in app purchase functionality in that. Can you please let me the best way to publish pwa to apple store and what to use for in app purchase functionality.

    20. März 2021 um 12:40
  • Sahil Malhotra Antworten

    That was an amazing video. Can you please let me know how we can do the same for iOS and what to do in order to introduce in app purchase or any buy functionality.

    25. März 2021 um 1:22
  • Aman singh Antworten

    Is this still valid in 2021 or should we do some code changes?

    4. Mai 2021 um 10:52

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