Ich habe auf der ersten Quasar.Conf Conference Live am 5. Juli 2020 zusammen mit 6 anderen Rednern gesprochen und dies ist mein Vortrag. 👉 Quasar PWA-Kurs mit Rabatt: 👉 VollstĂ€ndige Quasar.Conf-Konferenz: In meinem Vortrag erklĂ€re ich, was die 5 Core PWA Features sind und wie ich sie in meine Quasar Progressive Web App – Quasagram – integriert habe, die ein Instagram-Klon ist. Die 5 wichtigsten PWA-Funktionen, die ich bespreche: – Startbildschirm-Installation – Precaching – Caching-Strategien – Hintergrundsynchronisierung – Push-Benachrichtigungen ** Meine Kurse ** 👉 Quasar PWA-Kurs: 👉 Quasar Cross-Plattform-App-Kurs: 👉 Quasar-Wetter-App-Kurs: ** Weitere Links ** 👉 Fudget herunterladen: 👉 Abonnieren: 👉 Mein VSCode-Setup: 👉 NICHT KLICKEN: .

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  • Make Apps with Danny Antworten

    I spoke at the first Quasar.Conf Conference Live on July 5 2020, along with 6 other speakers and this is my talk.
    👉 Quasar PWA Course: https://dannys.link/quasarpwa
    👉 Quasar Cross-Platform App Course: https://dannys.link/quasar
    👉 Quasar Weather App Course: https://dannys.link/quasarweather
    👉 Download Fudget: http://www.fudget.com
    👉 My VSCode Setup: https://dannys.link/vscodesetup
    👉 DONT CLICK THIS: https://dannys.link/dontclick

    In my talk, I explain what the 5 Core PWA Features are and how I integrated them into my Quasar Progressive Web App – Quasagram – which is an Instagram clone.

    The 5 Core PWA Features I discuss:

    – Home Screen Installation
    – Precaching
    – Caching Strategies
    – Background Sync
    – Push Notifications

    7. Juli 2020 um 19:38
  • pgmoorthy 1411 Antworten

    Super sir 👌👌

    7. Juli 2020 um 19:47
  • Miguel Benevides Antworten

    Excellent. Will the PWA course be hosted at Udemy?

    7. Juli 2020 um 20:05
  • dev kumar Antworten

    waiting for u r course. but how can i ask question to you related quasar?

    7. Juli 2020 um 20:30
  • Any Factor Antworten

    Do a quasar BEX tutorial.

    I personally found making BEX from scratch much easier than doing it with quasar so I was wondering if I was missing something.

    8. Juli 2020 um 2:41
  • Anton Cherry Antworten

    Thanks, Danny, for great presentation about pwa on Conference! Will wait a full course! You are awesome as a tutor!💖

    8. Juli 2020 um 4:38
  • Alvaro ChĂ©vez Antworten

    Animated splashscreens are created using Lottie library, at least in native android.
    On web you can also use that library but I am not quite sure how to override the splashscreen on PWA

    8. Juli 2020 um 6:16
  • Prashant Nirgun Antworten

    Hi Danny I was following this video but this was not working do I just need Add to Home screen functionality. In that case do I need to add any server worker ? Can you share the code on GitHub Thing was not working as shown in the video I created a footer and inside add a button which calls a method installApp(), monted(), Manifest file, Icon generated as shown in the example. Is there anything else i am missing.

    12. Juli 2020 um 13:44
  • Jason Kramer Antworten

    Hi Danny, hope you are doing well. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about running a script on the backend every 30 minutes using Quasar? I was looking into forever for node.js, but it seems confusing to implement with Quasar

    22. Juli 2020 um 8:10
  • David Silvestri Antworten

    Excellent job, Danny! Looking forward to your course!

    26. Juli 2020 um 6:06
  • Felix Tang Antworten

    Hi danny can i get github repo for this app you're presenting?

    28. Juli 2020 um 14:40
  • Polla Fattah Antworten

    Would you please provide the source code of the quasagram.

    28. Juli 2020 um 19:47
  • Jens LĂŒck Antworten

    I'm counting down… to the release of your PWA course on Udemy. I will try to be the first who enrolls! Or is someone else even faster…? Who accepts the challenge? 😉

    4. August 2020 um 18:53
  • Roger Q Antworten

    Thanks for Quasar from Barcelona Spain.

    11. September 2020 um 10:33
  • Mike Hurtado Antworten

    Don't read icons folder

    7. Februar 2021 um 13:35
  • hossein sh Antworten

    not work !?

    window.addEventListener("beforeinstallprompt", (e) => {

    deferrdPrompt = e;

    this.showAppInstallBanner = true;

    deferrdPrompt was undefine

    25. Mai 2021 um 18:05

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