Das härteste Problem mit Software ist die Verteilung. App-Entwickler geben oft mehr für den Vertrieb aus, als sie zurückerhalten. Dieses Problem wird durch die Webplattform gelöst, jedoch waren Web-Apps in der Vergangenheit weniger leistungsfähig als native Apps. Mit dem Aufkommen von PWAs sind Web-Apps genauso leistungsfähig wie native und unterstützen Funktionen wie Push-Benachrichtigungen und Add to Homescreen, ohne die Reichweite des Webs aufzugeben. Progressive Web Apps kombinieren das Beste aus den nativen Anwendungen und dem Web. Diese Sitzung skizziert den Geschäftsfall und gibt einen Überblick über die PWA-Funktionen. Vollständige Wiedergabeliste: .

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  • kritee sridam Antworten

    I have been learning pwa.

    12. März 2019 um 10:53
  • Eduardo Ferrón Antworten

    The title of this video is misleading, you didn’t answer the question

    12. März 2019 um 12:45
  • Go Fudge Yourselves Antworten

    Do Boring Show like Flutter

    12. März 2019 um 13:16
  • Holger Nestmann Antworten

    Please note the studies About app usage are from 2015. More current numbers would be great and the vertical of those top 3 apps – I'd bet Messaging, social media and Maybe the browser?

    12. März 2019 um 19:26
  • Paul Dudley Antworten

    The title of the video should have been "what is a progressive web app" , you didnt answer "WHEN to use a pwa"

    13. März 2019 um 7:59
  • Reporter553 Antworten

    A lot of beating around the bush!

    14. März 2019 um 15:38
  • Michael Pumo Antworten

    Pack it up guys, it’s a hidden ad for AMP. Never in a million years will I use AMP.

    17. März 2019 um 19:33
  • Ninja Lai Antworten

    with pwa offline support, we don't need spa at all, just use anchor tag and it works like charm

    18. März 2019 um 2:19
  • Alex Burlitsky Antworten

    A very vague info indeed, the same is elsewhere. I can offer way more on business cases when a PWA should be used, because we started working on PWA like approach even before the term itself was born (we called it Mobile Front as a Service). A ver 1.0 of our platform called Mobsted.com was already up and running when the rest of world woke up :::))) Right now we at v 3.0…… So, ridding off the lyrics – we divide our customers, hence use cases, into several groups:

    The FIRST group is the best fit for going PWA – useful apps, but not a daily life changer – examples are insurance company, car dealer's or an apartment's customer service app – people don't go our of their way to get these, but will agree to install it as long as it is quick to get, takes no space and needs no registration. The best case we have is 10X install rates for PWA vs the equal content native app of the same business.

    The SECOND group by "best to worst fit" are – apps with little utility, which are difficult to get into smartphones – best example here are e-commerce oriented mobile apps – PWA has the smarts to overcome the "non-installation wall", if done right, and can deliver some value to end users.

    The THIRD group by the "best to worst" fit – apps which users can be made to install, but PWA saves costs in making and support. Examples here are internal business processes apps, like field data collection, equipment reviews, etc. Employees can be made to install anything, however PWA provides great flexibility and much lower costs of ownership for as many apps as business needs.

    The FORTH group – apps which people will instal in a native form anyways. Examples here are mobile banking, social etc. The only value from PWA vs native here is cost savings, which is often not such an important consideration as security and fuller access to hardware for clients like banks.

    I am also deliberately avoiding a block of apps banned from app stores, which are by definition a perfect PWA fit. Also, I can not provide opinion on games, which take a huge share in both app stores, but are out of our platform's scope and there are issues for offline mode there, too.

    19. März 2019 um 7:29
  • Marcial Cambronero Antworten

    Hi, can you please link to the studies/articles that you refer at at 3:17? To have a reference of the data in which we are basing our PWA/performance work. Thanks!

    20. März 2019 um 18:47
  • Captain Dev Antworten

    PWA are now available on Desktops ! I'm working on a video series about the state of PWA for 2019 !

    31. März 2019 um 18:42
  • Rakesh Kumar Antworten


    3. April 2019 um 3:54
  • demian sims Antworten

    I'm a newb so wondering if I can build a desktop site AND PWA in one stack? Can I use React's service worker?

    10. April 2019 um 17:00
  • Rushi Patel Antworten

    excellent presenter !!!

    29. April 2019 um 23:22
  • lardosian Antworten

    learn pwa or flutter??!!

    11. September 2019 um 20:21
  • Armish Antworten

    When would PWA be able to access native features like "Contact Lists" on user's device ?

    20. September 2019 um 14:54
  • mephesh Antworten

    So it's about a website behaving like a mobile app, what about full screen mode, bottom tab bars, scrollviews, location services, permissions to device features, publishing to the app stores, internal storage? Sounds like another tech is needed, react or vue etc

    30. November 2019 um 3:57
  • shadesbelow Antworten

    misleading title and the question "when" wasn't answered

    21. April 2020 um 13:35
  • Nuri Yilmaz Antworten

    Thank you. Could be really good that share content as text aslon.

    30. April 2020 um 16:42
  • Hari kishan Antworten

    Do I need React Native to make a web app, a PWA?

    26. Juli 2020 um 15:44
  • C Antworten

    great video! wish I came across this earlier.

    10. August 2020 um 10:03
  • Yoga Budiman Antworten

    Facepalm, so when I should use it?

    20. Oktober 2020 um 17:36
  • Luis M Antworten

    Excellent video, It was well explained, thanks!

    15. Dezember 2020 um 19:31
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    When should you use PWA? Simple: never!

    24. Januar 2021 um 2:38
  • cedrick kalumuanyi Antworten

    Please would you help me to do this tutoriel in french

    23. Mai 2021 um 10:37
  • cedrick kalumuanyi Antworten

    French WE don't andestende english but l want lean

    23. Mai 2021 um 10:40

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