In dieser Episode von „Why Build Progressive Web Apps“ fasst Tom die jüngsten Verbesserungen an iOS 12.2 zusammen und warum seiner Meinung nach jetzt ein guter Zeitpunkt ist, sich mit dem Erstellen von PWAs auf iOS zu befassen. 📝 News-Artikel → 😂 PWACompat → 🍎 Apple-Meta-Tags und Link-Beziehungen → 🐈 Affilicats-App → 💻 Quellcode → 🎬 Weitere Episoden zu PWAs ansehen! → Abonniere den Chrome Developers Channel für weitere Episoden → .

Kommentare (22)

  • Jerry Gagliano Antworten

    Ok what about push notifications?

    13. März 2019 um 17:00
  • Fronbasal Antworten

    video starts
    "Wait, is he German?" – "Thomas Steiner" – Ah, ja!

    13. März 2019 um 19:58
  • Ben Hayat Antworten

    With that accent, it would help to speak slower to get the point across.
    Seems like these days everyone is rushed to speak so fast, that the mission is totally lost.

    Take your F* time and deliver the message properly.

    14. März 2019 um 22:35
  • Darwin Medina Antworten

    So you're telling me that Apple can be able to put a extremely sophisticated machine learning on a phone and can't able to make works PWA on Safari, come on this look pretty intensional we are not fools

    21. März 2019 um 5:06
  • Osaetin Daniel Antworten

    Still waiting for the Web Share Target to be Implemented so PWA's can receive shared content from other apps

    22. März 2019 um 18:37
  • david Siegel Antworten

    No can have android features that I phone doesn't have

    22. März 2019 um 19:14
  • Horváth Bálint Antworten

    Bit out of context question, but still related to Apple. Is there a way to install pwa-s on mac os, like on windows? (or does safari support the beforeinstallprompt some way?) I really struggle to find the answer. Thanks

    23. März 2019 um 9:07
  • Capitol Antworten

    Quick question, we've considered doing a PWA app, but for our purpose we need to resize photos before uploading to a server. Is there a way somehow to implement client side resizing of images before they are uploaded?

    24. März 2019 um 14:59
  • Cesar Martinez Antworten

    Kinda misleading video title. You can do better than "PWAs for iOS"

    29. März 2019 um 9:00
  • Peter Húbek Antworten

    Pwa sucks. Period

    4. April 2019 um 11:54
  • Zsolt Szabo Antworten

    Finally safari will keep the state. This was frustrating and I reported it to apple. 

    Hey Google, you are pushing PWAs without the ability of Adsense "auto ads". It kind of makes no sense building PWAs if you monetise via Adsense, since there is no way to implement auto ads in them.

    6. April 2019 um 16:17
  • Abraham Yepremian Antworten

    Does anyone know how to add push notifications to my PWA on iOS? I’ve been using firebase cloud messaging for push notifications but it is not working on iOS.

    9. April 2019 um 9:42
  • Vertex DCW Antworten

    i am having trouble in downloading a PWA using Chrome in iOS? is it supported only in Safari in iOS?

    19. Februar 2020 um 23:11
  • 155 Degrees Antworten

    Could anybody help me as to how to have an app which has native code plus web view to load webpages and both to interact with each other. Like sign in web view and use the signed in user info later to be able to work with native code too.

    30. April 2020 um 11:23
  • Ot Boss Antworten

    Use PWAs or even webapps to bypass the app store if possible. Bunch of crooks

    18. Juni 2020 um 20:56
  • robert wong Antworten

    PWAs has been sabotaged and crippled by APPLE. They are locking themselves out of standards that they cannot control.

    20. August 2020 um 17:04
  • Marketing, Publicity & Promotions by Crates Media Antworten

    There have been a ton of improvements to PWAs in iOS, but…

    22. September 2020 um 23:36
  • Htop Skills Antworten

    I like PWA

    30. Dezember 2020 um 22:33
  • Sahil Malhotra Antworten

    I am building a pwa in reactjs, that will be then submitted to apple store. I want to include an in app purchase functionality for pdf download in that. Can you please let me the best way to publish pwa to apple store and what to use for in app purchase functionality.

    20. März 2021 um 12:31
  • That Guy Antworten

    Safari carries out the legacy of internet explorer.

    24. April 2021 um 16:26
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    At least I won't personally be affected by PWAs for iOS, but I wouldn't wish that crap on my worst enemy. You don't need to build progressive web apps EVER. FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. You can build a website or an app. There is no good reason to build some hybrid that doesn't really know what it is. All it will do is promote spam and malware. There is no good reason to allow this PWA crap to exist.

    8. Mai 2021 um 23:56
  • Duane Hodges Antworten

    Could you point me to a tutorial on how to upload images on a PWA?

    26. Mai 2021 um 15:43

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