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Lernen Sie die Grundlagen von Angular 8 🚀, indem Sie ein Tic-Tac-Toe-Spiel 🕹️ von Grund auf neu erstellen … Stellen Sie es dann als installierbare progressive Web-App (PWA) bereit. Gehen Sie über die Grundlagen hinaus 👉 Vollständiger Quellcode: Angular Docs: #angular #pwa #tutorial Nehmen Sie an Angular-Tests teil 🤓 iOS Android-Upgrade auf Fireship PRO unter Verwenden Sie den Code lORhwXd2 für 25% Rabatt auf Ihre erste Zahlung. .

Kommentare (28)

  • Adwiya Deshpande Antworten

    Should I use angular today in 2021

    21. Januar 2021 um 7:09
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    And now teach someone how to code something that actually matters.
    For example, how to build a REAL app (i.e. a native app) WITHOUT any PWA spam.
    Or is that too much of an effort?

    1. Februar 2021 um 2:15
  • Brycen Bartolome Antworten

    did anyone else end up with one large x?

    1. Februar 2021 um 5:34
  • Zoltán Semegi Antworten

    I love this video

    15. Februar 2021 um 1:05
  • Peter Rybár Antworten

    What about something simpler and in JS/TS –

    17. Februar 2021 um 10:46
  • Darth Vader Antworten

    I got an error on the value on @Input() value : 'X' | 'O';

    21. Februar 2021 um 4:32
  • Nehemiah Mekonnen Antworten

    I love this channel. You're such a talented teacher. Thank you for sharing your insight in such a fun and lighthearted manner!

    27. Februar 2021 um 16:42
  • sirealtynne Antworten

    Just want to say, out of all the coding tutorials i've followed since 2014, this one left me the most irritated and angry. I don't know if it's the instructor or the way he skips shit, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth. I only came back and finished because I really dislike giving in.

    Not seeing the board?
    replace <app-square > with <app-board> </app-board> in app.component.html
    Small Xs and Os? Inside square.component.ts where it says styles: [ ]
    put 'button { width: 100%; height: 100%; font-size: 5em !important; }'
    inside the brackets.

    Sahil Haridas
    Daniel Dick

    28. Februar 2021 um 4:55
  • Kamillascookie Antworten

    Great tutorial, but unfortunately with the newer versions of Angular the board.component.ts code is full of errors, I guess my typescript version is tougher than the one used in the tutorial. So this 20min tutorial is taking hours…

    2. März 2021 um 12:05
  • Subijoy Acharya Antworten

    Here to boost the YT algorithm.

    Can you do a similar video on Django framework.

    5. März 2021 um 9:12
  • Ikraam Antworten

    What a disgusting syntax. I’m glad as a beginner I started with React. It’s much closer to Vanilla JavaScript.

    5. März 2021 um 13:41
  • World Aquarium Singapore Antworten

    angular is cool cheers and i just sub

    11. März 2021 um 5:34
  • Hương Kun 700K Vào timbantinhvn com Antworten

    54:54 thính e thả nè. a nào lấy không? 👨‍

    20. März 2021 um 11:53
  • Hương Kun 700K Vào timbantinhvn com Antworten

    43:43 Đã bao lần định viết rồi lại thôi 🚿

    20. März 2021 um 11:54
  • Aayush.ACCOUNT { ! } Antworten

    I can just see a X button, please help me

    20. März 2021 um 17:04
  • Siyabonga Ngcobo Antworten

    Great, but because I'm a beginner, I didn't want to use the GUI for creating components etc. so I disabled the app.

    I wanted to learn how to write new components into existence and had to do a bit of research. However, great tutorial.

    21. März 2021 um 14:27
  • Siyabonga Ngcobo Antworten

    I'm a tad confused as to why only one block was generated from my view. Any reason for this?

    21. März 2021 um 18:56
  • 킴케로렛 Antworten

    speak too damn fast! and missed explaining so many details!

    23. März 2021 um 21:45
  • Ed Robinson Antworten

    excellent. not many videos out there that build a practical app. great for my revision but bit misleading (and discouraging!) to decribe it as "for beginners". thanks !

    25. März 2021 um 3:21
  • Shresth Pratap Antworten

    I like Angular but the only thing I don't like about is that when I was learning it having different types of windows pop up for tasks was not a great experience but I am glad I chose Angular over React or Vue.

    28. März 2021 um 8:41
  • Veejay Antworten

    At 10:15 I get the error
    "Property 'squares' has no initializer and is not definitely assigned in the constructor."
    The same goes for xIsNext and winner.
    Can I know why am I having this error and how can I fix it? This is my first try on Angular yess. Great tutorial btw 👌🏽

    1. April 2021 um 18:13
  • André Clérigo Antworten

    is it just me or this code isnt working anymore?

    7. April 2021 um 2:21
  • Dennis Korolevych Antworten

    I guess you skipped the part where you actually designed the board in html right?

    11. April 2021 um 14:59
  • NexusExtreme Antworten

    Whenever you create a video "for Beginners" you should create it for Beginners, In the whole video, your priority was to shorten the video rather than the core philosophy of the video, "To deliver the knowledge". It was fine you doubled the length, We would have still watched it. I learned a lot in these 20 mins but a mess is left behind and I ended up not able to create the TicTacToe webapp. Thank you for your efforts though.

    24. April 2021 um 9:01
  • Gavin Zhao Antworten

    AngularDart devs: sad twerking

    1. Mai 2021 um 4:38
  • bermudayn Antworten

    Compared to react and vue, this looks sadistic and unnecessary complex

    3. Mai 2021 um 18:49
  • Michael Salo Antworten

    Super demo thanks for this. I'm curious why the use of 'splice' at 12:06.

    4. Mai 2021 um 3:38
  • Jordan Layton Antworten

    For anyone stuck with just one x, in app.component.html, change your app-square line to <app-board></app-board>

    8. Mai 2021 um 15:26

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