Bei Servicemitarbeitern sind jetzt Push-Benachrichtigungen im Web verfügbar. In diesem Video werden die Benachrichtigungs-API und die Push-API erläutert und wie sie verwendet werden, um Push-Benachrichtigungen in Progressive Web Apps zu implementieren. Codelabs, Folien und weitere Informationen sind auf der Homepage von Progressive Web Apps Training verfügbar: .

Kommentare (28)

  • Kevin Sheppard Antworten

    Seems… difficult. Especially the server side setup. I'll need to run through a couple labs.

    26. April 2017 um 21:37
  • Thomas Allmer Antworten

    is this lab public?
    if so what is the url?

    27. April 2017 um 10:14
  • Eliazer Braun Antworten

    Thanks for the informative clear instructions, Is there a github repo with a demo?

    27. April 2017 um 18:03
  • Eliazer Braun Antworten 27. April 2017 um 20:20
  • RIjo R Antworten

    Server side I didn't get it. Its too bad

    21. August 2017 um 14:56
  • Sachin Chakravarthy S Antworten

    It not working in Nought version through Android chrome browser , any hints ? But push notification works in Marshmallow through Android chrome browser.

    11. Oktober 2017 um 21:39
  • Nono Cute Antworten

    clear discussion and comprehensive diagram with its flow. Thanks a lot for this.

    9. November 2017 um 8:56
  • gordon branum Antworten

    They suck know blocking them. ANNOYING

    14. Dezember 2017 um 16:41
  • Kushal Bhabra Antworten

    This is beautifully explained!

    12. Januar 2018 um 19:41
  • Chris Ruskai Antworten

    When I try to work through these in the console, as the video suggests, reg appears to be undefined in navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration().then(reg => console.log(reg));

    Has anyone else had this issue? Here is my code currently

    23. Januar 2018 um 22:29
  • DEEP STRINGS Antworten

    Hello Anybody! I have a subscription_info({"endpoint":"","expirationTime":null,"keys":{"p256dh":"BHuzNO2tZhj_kTh-PdZfrM7U830h5qCqjApBMZEZPDVlSNw74mARs3Am26qDbGG0v5cFf2SHNT90bmmCGWChev0=","auth":"VvH6w10f__Q46MsZQzLl5w=="}})
    I have public and private keys too. Can anyone tell me the python code to push the notification by using these?

    15. Februar 2018 um 8:24
  • Nikhil Dave Antworten

    Thanks for helping. MEN !!!

    31. Mai 2018 um 14:52
  • vinay puri Antworten

    how i can integrate this with my website.can you provide github to integrate this on my website

    10. September 2018 um 13:48
  • Amir Rosner Antworten

    Great video!

    8. Januar 2019 um 10:36
  • NOVI INDUS Antworten

    Server side I didn't get it.

    25. Januar 2019 um 6:21
  • Luke Daniel Antworten

    I have a API JSON, and i want need push notification when the title (Is a API of Notices) to be changed, sending a alert that have New Notices for users

    7. März 2019 um 11:29
  • Seth Samuel Antworten

    I tried using firebase on localhost but it didn't work. Why?

    14. März 2019 um 22:17
  • Randomisticful Antworten

    I pressed the 404th like. Does it mean it is not found?

    15. April 2019 um 22:07
  • Ruhi Taj Antworten

    How does the client send subscription object to Server?

    29. Mai 2019 um 8:27
  • shravan singh Antworten

    how do we subscribe to a topic in PWA, tried iid.googleapi but getting 403 Forbidden ?

    16. September 2019 um 13:44
  • Biztella Antworten

    Very well presented and informative, well done…

    26. Januar 2020 um 14:22
  • Each1Teach1 Antworten

    Does anyone have a clue on how I can make this problem disappear? Google is given us a hard time. Can you suggest to remove the read write of sms where google notices it.

    3. März 2020 um 2:38
  • Each1Teach1 Antworten

    Does anyone have a clue on how I can make this problem disappear? Google is given us a hard time. Can you suggest to remove the read write of sms where google notices it.

    3. März 2020 um 2:38
  • Ric777888 Antworten

    can this be used to send instant messages?

    8. April 2020 um 18:24
  • Tsundoku Antworten

    I'm not sure why this works on Firefox but not on Chrome.

    21. November 2020 um 12:14
  • ACEFIZ YT Antworten

    hai, somebody please help me. i made push notification with firebase fcm. but my notification disappeared in 30 sec. how handle this? please help..

    8. Dezember 2020 um 5:01
  • Tom Otero Antworten

    This may be a silly question, but what's the difference between this and webhooks?

    Is this one of those situations where the tool can also be a service. As in, webhooks can use push notifications as a method of implementation (the tool) but the push notification can be considered its own service?

    25. Februar 2021 um 18:58
  • Sakthivel Nadar Antworten

    Showing reg as undefined 🙄

    3. Juli 2021 um 8:52

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