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Lernen Sie die Webentwicklung schnell: PHP ist die beliebteste Sprache zum Erstellen von Web-Apps … nichts kommt dem nahe. Aber kann PHP für andere Arten der Programmierung verwendet werden? Nun, einige PHP-Entwickler tun es … und sie verwenden es in Bereichen, die Sie nicht erwarten würden: Serveradministration und sogar ML! Der Artikel: Lernen Sie Python 3 schnell: Lernen Sie, ein Unternehmen zu gründen: Mein Instagram: Danke! Stef.

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  • MadLeed Antworten

    Thanks! I encourage you to continue doing vids

    18. Januar 2018 um 19:38
  • Carlos Antonio Antworten

    Thank you a lot Stefan! Can I use PHP to create a game engine?

    18. Januar 2018 um 19:49
  • Carlos Antonio Antworten


    18. Januar 2018 um 19:52
  • Lothar Scholz Antworten

    I'm evaluating it to embed it into an application as scripting/extension language. After considering Lua/Python/mRuby and Javascript i have this in mind because of the huge library infrastructure, the extreme stability and the feature that that at Lua/Python/Ruby does not offer – fast and easy shooting down scripts after a task is done or runs to long or uses to much space. No other language offers this except Javascript, but JS does it less perfect and not all native code Node extensions support this.

    18. Januar 2018 um 20:06
  • AzJezz Antworten

    i made my own password manager using php, and put it inside a usb key, that i plug in when ever i need to get a password or add a new record , works fine

    18. Januar 2018 um 20:23
  • Zan Wei Antworten

    Is android suitable for freelancer jobs?

    18. Januar 2018 um 20:26
  • Lewis W-f Antworten

    You can even use PHP to create desktop applications – Why you would want to, I don't know but it's still possible. Side note: Your camera quality is excellent.

    18. Januar 2018 um 20:28
  • Ivan Koev Antworten

    Video about AI ?

    18. Januar 2018 um 20:28
  • rebelsoul777 Antworten

    Can PHP be used to build windows applications?

    18. Januar 2018 um 20:46
  • Adam K Antworten

    Hah, I have actually made two PHP standalone scripts years ago (just because by that time PHP was the only thing i could use)
    One was an array resources grabber, where I leeched thousands of tiles in format like 1-20/1-20/1-40.png (or something like that)
    And the other one was for a simple MMO project, where i painted a bitmap world of 2000×2000 pixels and converted it pixel by pixel into 1600 json chunks of 50×50.

    It was enough to do the job with basically single file of ~20-40 lines of code. (Not counting the curl and GD extensions)

    18. Januar 2018 um 22:19
  • Isaac Schlaht Antworten

    I have an entire login and registration system written in angular and PHP. Angular uses Ajax to call the information dynamically. From that Ajax call I use a restful service to call the exact PHP function I want. This is something I tried to figure out for months and I could not find it anywhere online. If you would like to have all of your PHP on one page and be able to call the exact function you want with angular. It's incredibly fast and no need to refresh at all. It just happens in the background thanks to lovely Ajax<3 Comment on this and I will make a video showing you how to make this happen. I actually discovered a very easy way to do it

    18. Januar 2018 um 23:01
  • tree.g.b Chen Antworten

    I use PHP on my little project, one of feature of this project is to "binding" information (text) and file (file or directory) together, so if I query information in my apps, not only I might get text, but I might get file too.

    The text is stored in database of course, but files, they store "naked" in file system (under this app direcotory), so in PHP I have to do some logic check, checking data in database and [file / directory] in file system are always sync and logic perfect.

    I use php function – shell_exec() to do the most shell command though php, to handle those files operation (CRUD).

    But I'm not sure if this a best way to handle files on file system, I mean, shell_exec() is really "low level" command, I have to "echo $?" every time I executed a command to make sure it was execute successfully. I don't know if there is higher abstraction way to do this kind of job.

    19. Januar 2018 um 2:02
  • Phemelo Mogatusi Antworten

    hi Stephan.
    Can you kindly do a video explaining strong points for each popular programming languages.

    19. Januar 2018 um 8:36
  • Fawaz Aljohani Antworten


    19. Januar 2018 um 10:00
  • Shiva Antworten

    PHP is great not just for the web, it's just that there was no hype about it.

    19. Januar 2018 um 12:12
  • NyOS Gomboc Antworten

    When – around 10 years ago – I worked for a webdev company, I got a task with some simple string and DB manipulation (with regexp etc.). Most people would've used Perl for that at the time, but I chose PHP because all of my coworkers knew that, so anyone else could've used/modified my code.
    Since then, when I write PHP code, I start it most of the time from the command line. (when the task is a bit complicated for a bash script)

    So no, PHP is not just for the web.

    19. Januar 2018 um 23:51
  • Chris Ozmen Antworten

    Hi Stefan, is it possible to create a course on C++? In a similar fashion to your PHP & Python courses, that would be extremely useful for those who want to challenge themselves with the in-depth programming concepts.
    All the best,

    20. Januar 2018 um 0:22
  • Shanto Antworten

    Sir please ans me. I get a book about php in my language. but it is on php 5.4. should i buy it? In my language there are no php book. plz suggest me sir.

    20. Januar 2018 um 5:18
  • JOHN JONES Antworten

    I have bought your course but did not received the content. I paid through PayPal, which take your money then promptly inform you that your course will follow later. This is a fallacy.No course has followed . Please send me my course or give me a refund

    21. Januar 2018 um 7:18
  • ctrlPain Antworten

    You talk and look a lot like Negan.

    24. Januar 2018 um 22:49
  • Thin Soldier Antworten

    I wrote a system in PHP that simplifies extracting zip files of MUGEN game characters and moving the contents to the right location within the MUGEN game folder and keeping track of which characters and stages are installed or not and auto-update the very complex config files that determine which characters and stages are available on the character select screen.

    I wrote a CLI tool with PHP and the Climate and Guzzle libraries that sends raw http requests to my very shitty DSL modem/router I got from my ISP. The admin interface on that box is from 2002 and is a pain in the ass to use. Now I can just type simple commands in my console like: router –restart, router –macaddressfiltering on, router –remembermac aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:03 "bobby nintendo 3ds", router –allowmacbylabel "bobby nintendo 3ds", router –denymacbylabel "bobby nintendo 3ds", router –seewhitelist, router –seeknowndevices, router –wanstatus, router –whatismyip, router –guestnetwork on, router –renameguestnetworkutf8 "🖕NO WIFI FOR YOU 🖕"

    I wrote a CLI too to simplify performing a rsync difference comparison for my most active projects. The clients allow all sorts of SEO "specialists" to ftp into their servers and make changes without notifying me. So I frequently do a dry run rsync to see if anything has changed on the live server and then I'll download the changes and git commit them locally on a branch named "seo-fuckers". When things break I'm usually able to very quickly and accurately tell the client exactly what broke and WHO broke it because it's like they're hard wired to blame all breakage on ME for some reason.

    26. Januar 2018 um 4:04

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