Dies ist das vierte Video der PWA-Reihe. In diesem Video werden die neuen Anforderungen für Service Worker und PWAs in Chrome ab März 2021 und August 2021 behandelt. Code aus dem Video: Video zum Umgang mit 404-Abruffehlern in einem Service Worker – Vollständige PWA-Video-Playlist: Chrome Web Developer Notes: Google Chrome update aufführen: .

Kommentare (6)

  • Anmol Arora Antworten

    love you, man. I am in love with your teaching style. Big fan too.

    24. März 2021 um 9:12
  • Kumar Vishal Antworten

    One stop Shop for all things PWA 🤩

    24. März 2021 um 13:15
  • Victor Antworten

    I don't use Chrome.

    24. März 2021 um 14:03
  • Moshiur Rahman Antworten

    Hi Steve Griffith I am big fan of your video tutorial I am always wafting for your new video content. Can you make a paly list for WEBRTC and socket io

    27. März 2021 um 17:13
  • Stijn Hommes Antworten

    Nice advert. Too bad the fetch requirements are not strict enough.
    They shouldn't be allowed on Chrome unless the user gave explicit permission without being forced to give that permission.

    23. April 2021 um 0:38
  • Ritchie Antworten

    I hope they keep pushing PWAs, they are going to discontinue chrome apps in 2022. I think firefox gave up on them. They are also working on file handling for certain types. Hopefully I can still add a PWA to the desktop. Oh by the way, in vuepress there is a fairly somewhat easy way to make your site a pwa with a plugin but I mean you still have to create the manifiest etc.. I just dragged and dropped a pwa template and I was done. That is if vuepress is your thing, I use it for documentation.

    12. Mai 2021 um 0:00

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